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Kathy says, “My goal was to bring together all the simplified basics of the amazing Brain Gym® program, making them both understandable to the newcomer and useful to the seasoned Edu-K consultant.”

This book is in three sections:

  • The first chapters go step-by-step through the PACE process, describing the benefits of the four Brain Gym movements that are its components.
  • The middle section explores diverse elements of theory and practice.
  • And the third section illustrates how Brain Gym can be used in a wide variety of situations throughout life.

Paul Dennison, co-creator of the Brain Gym program, says: “I found it a joy to read this book.”

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Praise for Educate Your Brain

"Kathy Brown has given us the roadmap for using Brain Gym in all parts of life. Her clear explanations, personal stories, practical applications, and ability to tie together all the elements around learning and living deeply, make this a valuable workbook and 'Must Read' for growth at every stage of development."

~ Carla Hannaford, Ph.D.
Author of
Smart Moves and Playing the Unified Field

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